Our approach is simple: we reappraise assets to maximise their value to communities and stakeholders.

We think creatively about the city, devising and delivering projects that motivate spaces, businesses and communities to thrive.


Turning liabilities into assets

Across London, the pressure on affordable space, especially workspace, is growing. We are in danger of losing sectors, skills and identity.

Concurrently, we need to find new revenue streams and ensure work, cultural and leisure space is embedded in the capital’s physical change.

Accents looks differently at space, to maximise value for stakeholders, businesses and communities, existing and new.

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Enabling people to define their futures

An area’s people are its key asset. With authority, independence and support, communities can devise and deliver the most appropriate services and facilities for their area.

Accents supports a range of local groups, projects and networks to help grow their capacity and take ever stronger roles in shaping their communities.

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Building identity and a stronger local economy

Strong local enterprise is a vital element of building self-sustaining, inclusive communities, with businesses providing important services and facilities for their area.

Accents gives local business a voice, supports start-ups and opens up new and existing opportunities for enterprise.

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Celebrating heritage and finding fresh opportunity in future change

The capital is changing rapidly: London’s population is set to reach 11 million by 2050. Poplar is no exception, with thousands of new homes being built over the next decade – trebling the population.

Accents reflects on cultural identity – past, present and future, to ensure the social, economic and cultural offer keeps pace, and to create authentic places for all the community, current and new.

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People are most productive when they work on what they care about

Every employer will say that people are their greatest asset, but do most maximise the full skills and potential of their employees?

Accents supports individuals to work on self-generated projects, developing services, connectivity and themselves.

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