Energy Saving

The UK government have committed to reduce carbon emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, an ambitious but vital goal to prevent further climate degradation.

Current figures show that 29% of the UK’s CO2 emission are produced by the domestic sector (DBEIS, 2017). Addressing the energy efficiency of our housing stock is therefore a crucial step in order to meet the 2050 target. In response, Accents has sought funding for a range of initiatives to address this need whilst also delivering savings for residents.

Energywise: An Ofgem project with UK Power Networks, Tower Hamlets Homes & the Bromley by Bow Centre, investigates how to plan for our future energy needs and manage our household usage. 393 households are participating, getting energy advice and cutting-edge tech.

Energy Champions: A group of residents from the Poplar & Bow Green Network trained with the Energy Saving Trust and our neighbourhood centres to directly deliver energy advice to and install energy-saving kit for their communities. The project, which saved 200 households money on their energy bills, won the National Housing Federation’s ‘Greener Living’ Award in September 2015.

LEAP: A new free service, providing important advice, support and energy saving measures to fuel vulnerable households. The programme is provided by AgilityEco alongside a number of partner organisations. This year through LEAP initiatives, £162,032.27 worth of household savings have been secured, through new installed energy saving measures.