Lansbury Micro Museum

The world’s smallest Victoria & Albert museum opened in Chrisp Street, Poplar in May 2016, sitting at the base of Frederick Gibberd’s 1951 Clock Tower.

The project, in partnership with the National Trust and Accents, charts the changing area through its community and their experiences. Since opening its doors in 2016, the Lansbury Micro Museum has attracted over 3,603 visitors through its evolving exhibitions, exploring Poplar’s rich cultural and political history: from local hero and social reformer George Lansbury; The Lansbury Estate and the 1951 Festival of Britain’s Live Architecture Exhibition; and the pivotal role that Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Federation of Suffragettes played in forging the way to female suffrage. The museum attracts new and local visitors, broadening their understanding of the East End and inviting them to co-create exhibitions.

  • The Lansbury Micro Museum re-illuminates the area’s significance and history: bringing new visitors to the area and broadening the understanding of its heritage.
  • Local residents are at the heart of the evolving exhibits, with workshops and themes that explore the story of this part of East London’s past, present and future.
  • The project is the beginning of the V&A’s relationship with the area, ahead of the opening of V&A East in 2023.
  • The project principal partners are the V&A, National Trust, Accents, and the project is supported by the Mayor of London and Telford Homes.

What visitors have said

  • “This is such a nice way to get local people involved with the arts and to bring people together. Some might think they have a weird obsession and find out they share it with someone else. Lovely initiative! Thank you and good luck!” Djuli (museum visitor, 2019)
  • “This is a fantastic initiative. It is important for local people to know the history of the area” S Skingle, local resident and museum visitor, 2016
  • “Great idea, gives more of a sense of culture and history to the community, well worthwhile” – Mo & Phil Batchelor, museum visitors, 2016
  • “Great resource for the children to discover their area’s past” – museum visitor, 2017