Queen Mary University: Demographics

Accents has developed extensive networks with universities from near and far to support meaningful research projects that help students’ learning and development, as well as to renew our knowledge with the most up-to-date practice, research, and learning from university partners.

One such relationship is with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Having established a long term strategic partnership with QMUL through research students looking at demographic change in the area, answering the question ‘who makes up Poplar?’, in 2020 and beyond Accents will support their MA Creatives Industries and Arts Organisation students on their dissertation consultancy projects, focusing on the key challenges and opportunities within the Leaside Fashion and Creative Cluster.

By grounding the research in current problems and questions, students will develop valuable skills, and will gain a better understanding of the current dynamics of the creative industries and cultural regeneration. Over the next few years, we see this partnership developing in its scope and complexity, with a rich cumulative evidence base emerging over time.