After 8 years in local government, Felicity joined Accents in December 2018 to deliver a range of community empowerment, cultural and environmental projects. This has included the flagship Swing East festival, an internal Active Travel campaign and contributing to borough wide air quality and biodiversity projects.

Having worked in a variety of frontline housing need roles for much of her career, Felicity worked with a range of stakeholders to deliver homelessness interventions. Witnessing first-hand the impact of homelessness and displacement, she is acutely aware of the importance that place and connection play in ensuring communities thrive.

Currently studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation Planning at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Felicity seeks to embed these principles into her work to ensure a sustainable future. She is interested in the role social dynamics play in behaviour change, as well as models of circular economy and closed loop systems.

With a passion for housing, Felicity has an interest in sustainable construction methods, co-design approaches and community-led housing. She is also keen to explore the role that placemaking can play in managing urban ecosystem services to improve the resilience and quality of life for our communities.